Homework will be assigned weekly.

ELA homework will be due on Fridays.

SS homework will be due on Thursdays.

This will be in place for 5th and 6th Grade.

*If you are submitting an assignment for Google Classroom, you must click "Turn In" for that work to be counted and marked on time.


To accommodate for CDC guidelines for the Coronavirus Pandemic, snacks will not be permitted during class.

Submitting Work

Work will be submitted entirely through Google Classoom (as much as possible) this year. Students must click "Turn in" for assignments to be counted.

Daily Schedule

For our ELA and SS classes, each class will usually look like this:

  1. Do Now: Usually a writing prompt or a "Pose a Problem" question

  2. Mini Lesson: Reading, Writing, or Content Instruction

  3. Group Practice/Model: We will work together to model and practice the skills we are discussion

  4. Independent Practice: Students will work individually to practice skills and learn content